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Section NE-2B was established as a new Section in June 2011 as a result of the 2011 realignment of the Northeast Region. The 9 Lodges in 2011 that originally made up Section NE-2B came from other Sections: NE-2A, NE-7A and NE-7B. Part of the NER realignment included reducing the number of Areas in the NER from 7 to 6. When Area 7 was eliminated so were the 2 OA Sections in Area 7: NE-7A and NE-7B.  Section NE-2B is one of the two Sections in NER Area 2 in the Northeast Region: NE-2A and NE-2B. Section NE-2B has 4 lodges from NY and 1 Lodge from Connecticut. It is made up of approximately 2500 OA brothers providing service to approximately 68,000 Youth and Adult Scouting Members within their 5 member Councils.  From June 2011 to March 2013, Section NE-2B had a total of 9 lodges. After April 1, 2013, the 5 Lodges belonging to the Greater NY Councils consolidated into a single lodge named Kintecoying Lodge resulting in Section NE-2B going forward with the 5 lodges - Achewon Netopalis, Buckskin, Kintecoying, Ktemaque and Shinnecock.

The Mission of Section NE-2B is to fulfill the purpose of the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America by strengthening our lodges, facilitating the local delivery of the national OA program, providing opportunities for the individual growth, and working to instill the values of Scouting.

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